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What information is needed for an accurate interior estimate?

There are many variables that go into providing an accurate estimate for painting your home. We often get asked how much it will cost to paint a bedroom, dining room, or a bathroom, etc. The answer to this question isn’t an easy one and any company or painter who says they can provide an estimate solely based on square footage will be missing something or a LOT! When they miss something, they will either charge you an addition or they will cut a corner when performing the work.

We like as much information as possible when providing an estimate for painting.

Answers to the following questions all play a role in an accurate written cost for painting:

What surfaces are included in the project scope? (ie. Walls, ceilings, trim/baseboards/casings, doors, windows, cabinets, closets).

What quality level of paint product is required or wanted?

What gloss or sheen do you want to use in the space?

Are you planning on a major color change?

Are you planning to paint the ceilings or trim a different color than a typical white?

How high are the ceilings? Are they vaulted or cathedral? Are the ceilings textured?

Will the space be empty or will it be occupied and have furniture at the time painting is to be completed?

When was the space last painted? Are the walls/surfaces newer (still have flat builder paint) or have they been painted multiple times.

When was your home built? Is it new construction or many years old?

How much prep work is needed? Are there a lot of nail holes, cracks, nail pops, drywall/plaster damage? Is there any peeling paint or water damage? Is there an existing finish such as stripes or decorative finish that has to be removed?

Is there wallpaper or a border that has to be removed?

Where is your home located? Is it a single family home or a condo? What is the access like into your home/condo? Is there parking available close to the home?

If your painting project is part of a larger home renovation, how will sequencing of work be scheduled with other trades? Will there be new drywall or trim installed that will require additional prep work?

Are there any health concerns such as a person or child in the home with asthma that would require zero VOC paint options or dustless sanding?

Are you painting to sell/rent or for personal use?

There are even more questions that can be asked depending on the space and can affect the overall cost of painting a space. Some of the above questions don’t have to be asked when your space is looked at in person as they will be obvious at that time.

The very best way to provide an accurate estimate is to see your home or painting project in person. This way we can discuss your project in depth and ask you necessary questions in order to meet the expectations you have for your home.

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