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Pregnancy and Paint Exposure

Filed in Painting Questions by on March 28, 2009 • views: 2300

I often get asked about the exposure to paint fumes during and after painting for women who are pregnant or for young children.  If a professional is doing the painting for you, your exposure will be very minimal and most likely none at all.  Once paint is dry and with good ventilation you are completely safe.  Here is an article to help answer this question and provide other information. 


Pregnancy and Paint Exposure

Mike Kremsreiter

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Mike is the owner and operations manager at DBK Painting. He has been a professional painter for almost 20 years and started DBK Painting in 2003. He strives to share his knowledge and educate clients, colleagues and employees about what it takes to provide a professionally painted surface. Mike understands there is always something new to learn or a new paint product or tool that could help him and his company provide a great painting experience year after year.

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