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Clean and Organized- “It’s All in the System”

Filed in Interior, Uncategorized by on May 16, 2016 • views: 4979

What is one of the top requirements you have when contractors work in your home?

Where you and your family live, sleep, eat and also work?

More often than not, we hear that our clients would like their homes to remain as functional and as clean as possible during the time we are working in their homes. This is why in early 2014 DBK Painting started using a Festool system for organization and to help reduce the amount of dust created during the surface prep process of our projects.

We have to use many different hand tools, sanders, masking film, masking tape, paint trays and well, you get the idea (professional painting requires much more than just a paint brush and roller). Festool’s system allows us to stay organized while we are on site and in your home during each and every project. Staying organized saves us time and keeps your home clean and organized when we are finished working at the end of the day. Everything stacks up neatly in a predetermined “shop” location while we are working in your home.

Chicago painter using festoolOnce the job is completed, we are able to load all of our tools out of your home quickly and easily back into our trucks, thus allowing you to return your home to normal activity sooner. We believe in this system so much that we were even featured in an article in one of Festool’s trade magazines.

Not only is the Festool system great for organization, but all of the sanders we use for surface prep are centered around a HEPA Filtered Extractor. This extractor allows us to sand surfaces and collect up to 95% or more of the dust created while sanding. Not all activities we perform will be completely dust free, but the system helps us reduce the dust created dramatically while using one of the extractors.

This provides better air quality for our workers and for your home and family.


Mike Kremsreiter

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Mike is the owner and operations manager at DBK Painting. He has been a professional painter for almost 20 years and started DBK Painting in 2003. He strives to share his knowledge and educate clients, colleagues and employees about what it takes to provide a professionally painted surface. Mike understands there is always something new to learn or a new paint product or tool that could help him and his company provide a great painting experience year after year.

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